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          Everyone plays their part in the Bit-Verse, but at the center of this story are Data and Nat, two widely renowned Bit-Warriors at the top of their game. Data has tons of raw talent and great instincts, but he stirs plenty of chaos with his trigger-happy recklessness and off-mission shenanigans. Nat is a level-headed tactician with keen precision who can keep Data in check, but she never knows when to give her codes a break from the grind. They’ve been best friends since they were teeny tiny bitties with big dreams, and now they’re among the most elite protectors of the Bit-Verse. 

          Grab your power-ups, equip your best weapons, prepare your knock-out specials, and enter the Bit-Verse, a living breathing video game world! Its 8 unique worlds are filled with countless sprites, merchants, muzes, loaders, and of course, the mighty Bit-Warriors! All the classic mechanics you know and love? It’s all everyday life for the citizens of the Bit-Verse! A Bit-Warrior’s days are filled with adventure as you crush deadly viruses, defeat nefarious foes up to no good, even compete in XP leaderboards for top dog status amongst your peers! A Loader works constantly to optimize Warrior’s weapons, armor, and special moves for their next missions! Merchants sell the best strength boosts, attack speed buffs, even hair gel that can make you truly untouchable (get the EXTRA volume armor edition, you’ll thank us later). Kooky Muzes paint amazing murals and craft delicate sculptures bit-by-bit. And every Sprite worth their code knows Jitter’s Retro Dogs can give just the pick-me-up if you’re feeling low on HP. That’s all just a small piece of what you can find across the Worlds! Watching over it all is the mighty Bit-Master, an ultimate hero born of the conflict between the legendary Byters and the maniacal Overlord, bent on World-ending corruption and evil.

          As Bit-Master prepares to retire, Data and Nat are up to truly become the best. On their final mission to become the next Bit-Masters… they lose EVERYTHING when NPC, an evil entity bent on vengeance, takes away all their levels, items, and powers. NPC plans to use them to wreak calamity across the Worlds and end the era of the Bit Master. It obviously cannot stand, and our heroes must stop him… all while starting back at level one! Even with the odds stacked against them, with nothing to their name, Data and Nat still have one thing NPC can never take from them… experience, not XP, experience. They did it once before, they can do it again. And that’s not all, Data and Nat also have a secret tool in their arsenal, that if unleashed, will be the true game-changer in a destined conflict for the fate of the Worlds as we know it. And as our heroes embark on this epic tale, we uncover the power of resets, perseverance, and the power of pressing continue. All the while, Data and Nat change for the better as they work their way back up from nothing to truly save everything. At the end of the day, no matter the odds, life is like a video game. It’s up to YOU to press “Continue.”

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