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The Bit-Verse is comprised of 8 different worlds, and as the show continues, you will learn more and more about each of them: their origins, key figures, landmarks, and the cultures of their citizens! Take a peak at a few of them below!




A living breathing motherboard connecting all the worlds in the Bit-Verse. It's a giant metropolitan filled with all kinds of people! Sprites, Muzes, Loaders, you name it! It's also home to the Bit-Master, our mighty protector and creator of the Bit-Warriors! As such, it functions as the home base for the Bit-Warriors and Data and Nat's home.

Beachside Cove.png

Beachside Cove

ARG!! This seaside paradise is filled with adventure on the open seas. Come for the treasure and stay for the dazzling sword fights! Captain Two-Eyed Toby is widely known as one of the fiercest to sail and FLY the dangerous waters. Everyone is on the lookout for the Golden Pineapple, but be warned, for the mighty Pineapple Krakken will bring doom to those who dare find it.


Spookton Hills

BOO! Beware to all who venture here. Shrouded in an ethereal night, ghosts, vampires, and monsters will be sure to give you a fright! But befriend them and they'll share their latest concoctions with you at the Monster Smash Diner! All said, beware of the Willow Hag who haunts the halls of Spookton Manor. She's hunting for souls to come back to life.


Skyfall Kingdom

A world that's been disconnected from the main motherboard and floats in the sky, solely powered by the shard of the ancient dragon Mythica. It runs off its own experimental coding, overseen by the World's greatest protector known as The Artificer. This classic medieval world is filled with merchants, craftsmen, artists, skilled fighters, and mages. They act like a big family united in their love and devotion to Mythica, hosting a festival every year in her honor to make offerings and fill the streets with song and dance.

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